Your Guide to Travel Trailer Insurance in Alberta

Many people confuse travel trailers with motorhomes or RVs but there is a big difference. Motorhomes are like a house on wheels; it’s both a car and a home, while travel trailers are only a home that is separate from the vehicle, only being towed by it.

Just because it isn’t a motorhome, does not mean that your travel trailer doesn’t need its own insurance policy. There are many possible risks that your travel trailer could be exposed to and cost a lot of money to handle. Here’s all you need to know about travel trailer insurance Alberta.

What is Travel Trailer Insurance?

So, what does it mean to get travel trailer insurance? Well, it would mean getting extra, much-needed protection for non-motorized trailers and campers when it comes to damages, contents, and liability.

Do You Need Travel Trailer Insurance in Alberta?

Many people think because they have both auto insurance and home insurance, it should be enough to cover their travel trailer.

However, even though they don’t have insurance requirements, there are still some risks that your auto and home policies cannot account for.

What Does Travel Trailer Insurance in Alberta Cover?

So, what can travel trailer insurance in Alberta cover for you?

For starters, your travel trailer insurance policy can cover vandalism, theft, and damages by other vehicles or animals.

It can also offer you protection for collisions, personal contents damage or total loss, lock replacement, and water damage.

Another perk that an Alberta travel trailer insurance policy can offer is protection for any detached structures such as sheds, barbecue sets, seating areas, etc.

Let’s see what each coverage offers in detail:

  • Collision coverage: this can protect your travel trailer for when it’s involved in a collision whether it’s with another vehicle or something like a fence or tree.
  • Comprehensive coverage: this coverage is concerned with any risk that isn’t a collision which includes fires, vandalism, theft, lightning, falling objects, water damage, etc.
  • All-risk coverage: this coverage combines the collision and comprehensive coverages together.
  • Contents coverage: this is concerned with replacing or repairing any personal belongings in your travel trailer if it’s damaged to a peril that’s under your insurance policy.
  • Liability coverage: this covers any damages or injuries caused to another person that was caused by your travel trailer and if a claim is filed, it covers all legal expenses to handle it.
  • Roadside assistance: this coverage can help you when you pay expenses in case of a flat tire, getting stranded, or running out of gas.

How Much Does Travel Trailer Insurance in Alberta Cost?

The price of Alberta travel trailer insurance policies relies on several factors but can range anywhere between $200 to $500 per year.

The amount of coverage you choose, the insurance provider, policy limit, and deductibles play a huge role in setting the cost of Albert’s travel trailer insurance.

The way you use your travel trailer will come into play, whether you’re using it full-time or not.

There’s also the type of travel trailer you have that affects insurance rates for travel trailers. Customized trailers, for example, are the most expensive type to insure, especially if you add comprehensive coverage.

How to Save Money on Trailer Insurance in Alberta

Now that you know all about travel trailer insurance in Alberta, there are a few hacks you can use while shopping around that can help you get cheaper insurance rates.

For example, one of the best ways you can get cheap travel trailer insurance in Alberta is to bundle your insurance policies together, like combining your travel trailer insurance with your home insurance. This way, you may be eligible for good discounts.

You can also try to raise your deductible which is the money paid upfront, and in turn, lower your premium cost. Just be careful not to raise it too much that you can’t afford it once a claim is made.

Installing a security system in your travel trailer can play a huge role in getting cheap travel trailer insurance in Alberta.

Keeping a good credit score can also pan out in getting lower travel trailer insurance rates as well as choosing the right kind of coverage. You can skip the comprehensive coverage, for example, if you have an old travel trailer.

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