Having recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, The Granville Island Model Ships Museum is proving to be a delight for both amateur and professional model enthusiasts. John Keith-King, architect/entrepreneur and creator of the Maritime Market on Granville Island, put the museum together as a way to preserve Vancouver’s marine heritage, as well as a way to display some of BC’s exceptional modelling talent. Over forty models represent a large cross section of the seagoing vessels including naval, commercial and pleasure vessels.

The museum has put together a considerable collection of work vessels such as tugs, commercial fishing boats and freighters. Contributing modellers include William Ballenger and William Bull. Both these modellers are from BC and have built their models completely from scratch (some even without plans).

Our naval collection is equally impressive, spanning almost two hundred years from Admiral Nelson’s “H.M.S. Victory” to state of the art U.S. nuclear submarines. The showpiece of the collection is a 13 foot model of the “H.M.S. Hood”. Cast almost entirely of bronze, this incredible model was an 18-year labour of love for local modeller Rodney Henriksen.

Other members of the collection include three stellar pond models, meticulously crafted to perfection by local artist Murray Barber. The pond models are fully remote control and consist of “Lady of the Lake” – a Friendship sloop, “Raven”-a Dragon class racing sloop, and “Dragonfly”-an International A Class racing yacht.

There are many other models to see, and we are constantly adding to the collection. Amongst other models we hope to soon display some of the Canadian Pacific passenger line including the “Empress of Asia”.